trioceros quadricornis

  1. Get out of my house

    Get out of my house

    3 1/3 year old Quadricornis Gracilior
  2. World Chameleon Species Tour: Trioceros quadricornis

    World Chameleon Species Tour: Trioceros quadricornis

    Natural History of Trioceros quadricornis Welcome to this World Species entry by Bill Strand and featuring the breeding insight of Jurgen Van Overbeke! We are still in Cameroon, but we are moving up in elevation. It seems like Cameroon likes its horned chameleons because the next species is the...
  3. BackwaterReptiles

    Quads hatching...

    My quadricornis eggs began hatching yesterday--they were laid by a gravid import I received this past December with that Cameroon shipment. The babies are acting strong, although I found the size differences to be stark... Check out these two--hatched on the same day, same clutch, huge size...
  4. BackwaterReptiles

    Quadricornis Red Claw Close-up

    Just thought I'd post a quick close-up snapshot of one of our quad's red claws, for forum members who haven't seen them before--I know I hadn't. I'm not sure if it's a T.q.q. or a gracilior, maybe someone else on the forum can tell. I read Chris Anderson's thread on the differences, but this...
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