trioceros pfefferi

  1. World Chameleon Species Tour: Trioceros pfefferi

    World Chameleon Species Tour: Trioceros pfefferi

    Welcome to another installment of our World Chameleon Species Tour! Today we are in the Cameroon highlands with Trioceros pfefferi. Natural History: Trioceros pfefferi is a small size chameleon around the size of a carpet chameleon. It is listed as living between 1100m to 1900m by the IUCN...
  2. BackwaterReptiles

    Trioceros pfefferi hatching...

    Here are a couple pictures showing some Pfefferi that hatched here today (around eight or so last count). They were laid just a few months ago--a fairly quick hatch. The one thing that made this clutch out-of-the-ordinary is that I extracted all the eggs from an undoubtedly doomed female...
  3. bigcappa

    New Trioceros pfefferi pair (Pic Heavy :))

    I went to the ETHS expo today, I met Scott(Texas Panther Man) and Chico. I also came home with this new pair of Trioceros pfefferi :p, I took a few pics of them while I was building and setting up their new cages. The Male: The Female:
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