1. Andy


    This is Andy, I just got him from PetSmart yesterday, they could not confirm the sex or age but from what I have found, HE is pretty friendly and is already eating out of my hand :)
  2. Helping Him To Cross The Road

    Helping Him To Cross The Road

    In our trip to Madagascar we saw a Panther crossing the road and we decided to stop to give him a hand , and to take some pics of course!
  3. Fun In The Sun

    Fun In The Sun

    Zeke enjoying the bright sun for the first time in lovely SoCal weather.
  4. I Got My Eye On You

    I Got My Eye On You

    my little velied is facing away but still has his eye on me.
  5. ''you Shall Not Pass!''

    ''you Shall Not Pass!''

    Gringo Meme
  6. Hes Semi Smiling=p

    Hes Semi Smiling=p

    My guy Squirt sitting in his tree outside.
  7. Eyeing The Next Drop

    Eyeing The Next Drop

    Bagheera interrupted while enjoying an early-morning misting.
  8. Turning Red

    Turning Red

    my first panther chameleon named Bear 3 months old looks like hes going to be green with red
  9. Summer


    loves the sun
  10. Dexters First Day

    Dexters First Day

  11. The Hug

    The Hug

    Two ambilobe chams taking a rest from filming.
  12. Dec Climbing

    Dec Climbing

    dec from portsmouth reptile show what a cracker
  13. The Dream

    The Dream

    The dream about a locust
  14. Goblin The Great Escape!

    Goblin The Great Escape!

  15. Lay'n in the sun

    Lay'n in the sun

    Vicky is enjoying her heat lamp.
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