1. cswan19

    Astro turf as substrate?

    Could I use Astro turf as a substrate, I've been using paper towels but I would like to use something that is green and would blend in and give my enclosure the right look. My concern is, is it safe for my baby veiled?
  2. I

    Confused on Pygmy Substrate

    I know the first couple of layers: Hydroton, charcoal, screen, but this is were i get confused. I am trying to follow the site What do you put around the plant pots? Then what is that stuff you should put over it? I thought it is...
  3. E

    Rhampholeon brevicaudatus

    Hello! I recently got 5 chameleons of this species (Rhampholeon caudatus) more or less accidentally, and have some questions: 1. Ventilation: I understood that ventilation is important to avoid growth of fungus etc. I am keeping them in a glass terrarium and was thinking to have a net...
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