1. cswan19

    Awake at night?

    My male veiled Malibu is about 2 mo. old and has never had any problems with sleep. He always goes to sleep right after lights out and wakes up a few minutes before lights on. It is almost midnight where I'm at and he is settled in on his favorite branch where he usually sleeps but hes looking...
  2. T

    Sleeping all day?

    My cham is pretty much sleeping all day...he usually wakes up somewhere around 9am, but it's 11:50 and he's still sleeping. He is easy to wake up at this point, my misting woke him up, and when I put his crickets into the cage he woke up as well. What should I do?
  3. Do You Want A Lemon Sleeper?

    Do You Want A Lemon Sleeper?

    A lemon camouflaging themselves as a chameleon
  4. Montium In Sleep Mode

    Montium In Sleep Mode

    Snapped this picture of one of my montiums after a rehydration session in the shower. Lost this guy recently though, he was wild cought and I had him for 3.5 years.
  5. Coco


  6. Sleeping Mozie!!

    Sleeping Mozie!!

    This is Mozie when he sleeps ( AkA MO)
  7. Sleepy Sobe

    Sleepy Sobe

    The First time i see a chameleon Sleep, and the first time i see Sobe sleep.
  8. franks sleeping spot

    franks sleeping spot

    franks favorite spot to sleep <3
  9. Sleepy Time for baby

    Sleepy Time for baby

    Stuey at about 5 months. I found him laying on the floor all curled up sleeping when i came in to sleep.
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