1. Silkworms getting ready for travel

    Silkworms getting ready for travel

    These guys are heading out to a satisfied and happy Chameleon named 'Charmeleon the Chameleon'.
  2. Whatever it Takes

    Whatever it Takes

    Panther chameleon stands on his back legs when a silk worm appears.
  3. D

    Black Silkworm cocoons

    In the next 15 days I will have some surplus black silkworm cocoons available for $2.50 each (minimum order 10) +$7 shipping/heat pack. Moths will emerge, mate after about 5 minutes, lays eggs, mate again, lay more eggs and occasionally mate a 3rd time spanning a 3 to 6 day period, average egg...
  4. CarlyMK

    Ahh the dreaded silkworm questions...

    Hello! I have gone through probably 20 threads created on this site re:silkworm raising. I have a couple questions if someone has a moment to help! I have right now 30 silkworms, all different sizes, I'm planning on breeding them. A couple of them are in their molting stages, which as I...
  5. gideonus

    Wow! Worf gobbles up those monster hornworms

    Despite the general rule about feeding insects no larger than the cham's head, but aware that soft-bodied insects like silkies and hornworms are different, I put in a very large green hornworm into Worf's enclosure yesterday. Worf is a 6.5 month old male veiled (now about 11 inches head to...
  6. summoner12

    Mixing up Silk Chow-DIY

    Mixing up Silk Chow-Stove Top-DIY I wanted to make a DIY of mixing silk chow... even though this is somewhat straight forward I thought it might inspire some people to buy mix instead of pre-made chow. I also thought it might help out those who are worried about making the chow for keeping...
  7. VerteX

    Silkies available

    I have some extra silkworms. 50 large silkworms (1.5 - 2 inch) $12 50 very large silkworms (2-3 inch) $15 + USPS Priority (2-3 day) shipping to continental USA from Cleveland, OH. Flat rate - $6 Please pm for availability.
  8. SoCaliSon

    Anyone breed their own Silkies???

    So silkworms are the one food item that all my chams can agree they love. I was wondering how easy it is to get a self sustaining Silkworm setup going so I don't have to worry about paying an arm and a leg everytime I need some. Is it worth rearing them myself? And how easy is it to keep up...
  9. Little Piglet!

    Little Piglet!

    If lokis mouth wasn't so full he would say thank you coastal silkworms! For your tasty worms!
  10. Spying Dinner

    Spying Dinner

  11. Lenny - Worm Stalker

    Lenny - Worm Stalker

    Lenny, a young Veiled chameleon stalking silkworms.
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