1. P

    new CH Nosy Faly from Screameleons

    This guy just came this morning. This is him just after being released into his new enclosure. He's stressed and cold in the pic, but we couldn't resist snapping a quick one before leaving him alone to drink and hopefully eat. Natural sun for a at least couple hours for him today. He was...
  2. Preekoo

    Local screameleons panthers in pet store

    I didnt get to see a picture of the sire. Im pretty sure the lady is getten tired of me comen in there all the time lol, so I didnt ask. But they came in on Monday and they're from screameleons. Idk what locale they are either : / But im for sure getting one in a couple months! Im gona keep an...
  3. Zajlol

    New cage

    Hi I was wondering when I should get a adult cage for my 6 month old panther chameleon? Idk what the size is the cage is from screameleons.
  4. staysixsixsixkid

    gone for a while but now presenting...

    Gandolph. Screameleons Blue Bar Ambilobe X Ambaja born may 7th i think ... this pic was taken around end of october this was mid november last 2 few weeks ago not the greatest photos being that shooting pictures through the giant mesh tank i have is insane, Hes only 7 months old and is...
  5. Screameleons

    Latest Chameleons For Sale At Screameleons 10/28/2009

    Latest Chameleons For Sale at 10/28/2009 Locale: Ambanja X Ambilobe Reference: 10-BPP-T-m102 Sex: Male DOB: 5/1/2009 Price: $275.0000 Click here for more details SUPER colorful crosses! These guys tend to produc e some colors never before seen in the...
  6. Screameleons

    Latest Chameleons For Sale From Screameleons

    Latest Chameleons For Sale at 10/27/2009 Locale: Nosy Be Reference: 0910-BPP-nb-m4 Sex: Male DOB: 7/15/2009 Price: $299.0000 Click here for more details True Blue Nosy Be juvenile ready for a new home! Full coloration in 15 months! Comes with our Live...
  7. Screameleons

    How To Handle A Chameleon

    Hey Guys, We get tons of email on the subject of handling a chameleon. It has been tough explaining how to hold a chameleon in words, so we figured that a video might do the trick. You can check the video out here: Thanks for...
  8. The Red Scare

    The Red Scare

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