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    My chameleon is having a prolapse and needs help fast! Please give me some tips on how to get it back in. Thank you :)
  2. SweetHeart

    Prolapsed penis

    I don't live near a vet that will treat my Chameleon . Is there something I can do?
  3. jadeladine

    Question about poop...lovely

    Ok im hoping you guys can give me some good news. My 13 month female veiled named Ali had a prolapse last weekend. I took her to the vet the same day and she had stitches to keep it in. Vet gave her 2 shots of antibiotics and took the stiches out Thursday just gone. Ali has not had a poo...
  4. jadeladine

    URGENT help needed!!

    I just went to spray my female veiled chameleon and this huge red thing was sticking out of her. What is it?? What do i do? She is 13 months old. Also the last 2 days she has been bred with a male for the first time so im thinking this may have something to do with it. Thanks...
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