1. kwilkens14

    Phoenix worms as a staple diet?

    I have an ambilobe just short of 4 months old. The petsmart and petco here in Denver have the sketchiest insect set ups that I've ever seen. I bough a pack of 30 from them and gave them bug burger and flukers cricket quencher, and over night 25 of them died. :mad: I've seen people on here say...
  2. TyggyToo

    Hand Feeding -- I'm smitten!

    I just had SUCH an oxytocin surge its scary. Shayna took a Phoenix worm out of my hand...then another and another...I held a cup for her and she ate a Dubia. Having her little tongue just reach out and whack that worm in my hand was sooo sweet! This chameleon has gotten me seriously...
  3. F

    Phoenix worms

    Hi All, So I was wondering if anyone feeds their chams Phoenix worms? (They are sold here as GAGA Grubs) Here's a link that explains a little more about them: I don't believe the review much so I thought it would...
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