1. Rainbow Is Which Species?

    Rainbow Is Which Species?

    We kept Veiled Chams for the past few years. Now added a Furcifer. As the shop keepers only spoke Chinese, I don't know his species. Seems a cross of ambanja and ambilobe. I suspect him to be about 4-8 months. Any idea?
  2. Under The Bulb

    Under The Bulb

  3. Just Me :)

    Just Me :)

  4. Slurpy Time!

    Slurpy Time!

    Leo drinking on his Ficus bennendijkii
  5. Guntherawesomesmall


    Gunther's lookin' at you!
  6. Furcifer Pardalis Sambava

    Furcifer Pardalis Sambava

    He's a picture that my girlfiend took when Delko was apprixatively 4 to 5 months old.
  7. My Nosy Be

    My Nosy Be

    This is my cham, chamy. Say hello chamy! :)
  8. Pardalis Ambilobe Female

    Pardalis Ambilobe Female

  9. Solarius II - Male Ambanja

    Solarius II - Male Ambanja

    Six month old male Ambanja named after his sire, Solarius.
  10. Genmaicha- Ambilobe Pardalis

    Genmaicha- Ambilobe Pardalis

    This is one of my male Ambilobes, Genmaicha, getting some sun.
  11. Smile!


    Blue Bar Ambilobe Male happily looking for a bite to eat
  12. F. Pardalis

    F. Pardalis

    Furcifer pardalis female ambanja, one that I hatched early '08
  13. F. Pardalis

    F. Pardalis

    Male F. pardalis possibly ambilobe or hybrid x nosey
  14. Emmet


    NosyBe Panther Chameleon
  15. Miracoli


    nosy mitsio wc
  16. Ankify


  17. Furcifer Pardalis

    Furcifer Pardalis

    Nosy Be
  18. Hiro


  19. Hiro


  20. Minigörk


    Nosy Be X Diego Suarez
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