1. ferretinmyshoes

    Oscar's Gout

    My sweet Oscar is 5 years old and suffering from gout. When he was younger he went through a long period (over a year) of not wanting to drink by any conventional methods. For a while he would only drink in the shower, then only outside from the sprinkler, then only if water dripped on one leaf...
  2. ferretinmyshoes

    BABIES! Oscar and Loretta babies!

    I am sad to miss out on Daytona but my house is now much more exciting! This is my first ever clutch of panther eggs between my much adored Oscar and super sweet Loretta. They were laid Jan 13 this year and the first baby hatched yesterday!! When I left for work the egg was slit and it was...
  3. ferretinmyshoes

    Meet Rhaegar and babies on the way!

    Here is my little gem from Ataraxia, captive hatched 5 month old Triocerus montium named Rhaegar (I like name themes and I love the Game of Thrones books). He arrived yesterday and so far isn't quite sure what to make of everything yet, but drank a lot. I hope he settles in nicely and one day...
  4. Syringe Drinking

    Syringe Drinking

    Oscar enjoying his daily hydration.
  5. Oscar Don't Take No Crap From Nobody

    Oscar Don't Take No Crap From Nobody

  6. Everything The Light Touches...

    Everything The Light Touches...

    Oscar surveying the backyard
  7. Be Fast Or Be Dinner!

    Be Fast Or Be Dinner!

    Oscar the ambilobe panther enjoying a butterfly
  8. Fruit Eater

    Fruit Eater

    Oscar eating a grape
  9. Eating Grapes

    Eating Grapes

    Oscar eating a chunk of grape
  10. Shilouet


    Shilouet of Oscar
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