1. Reptilelover47

    Misting System Advice

    Hi guys! :) I just need some advice for my misting system. I have a 2yo male Panther Chameleon. For his misting system I've been using an Exo-terra Monsoon RS400 Rainfall system. I bought it on Amazon and after almost a year of having it, it was not working properly (stopped spraying). At...
  2. johncjb

    MistKing vs AquaZamp

    I have heard quite a few good things about both (compared to Zoo Med or Exo Terra) but I would like some feedback on which is better. As far as I can tell, MistKing doesn't come with a reservoir whereas Aquazamp does. Has anyone had any bad experiences with either? Also, what is the...
  3. LLLReptile

    The top of the line misting system - Mist King!

    The Mist King is considered one of the very best misting systems on the market today! * * We put together this system by listening to our customers. The components featured are the most commonly ordered and asked for by our customers. You can further customize the system by adding more...
  4. SamW

    Optimal Setup?

    What size and type of lights would be optimal for a teenage male veiled cham? He lives in a screened 48"H x 24"W x 24"D. He's been having some skin/shedding issues around his yellow stripes and has also shown some signs of a URI (I'm getting this treated soon, anyone have any estimates on...
  5. summoner12

    Enjoying the mist...

    Henry taking a shower and drinking some water.
  6. vindicatedornot

    mistking arrival/chameleon move

    Hello again, Got so more questions for ya. I bought my mistking monday the 20th. It said it'd be here in 12 days. It got here in 7! Thats front f'n canada to texas. I've had stuff coming from florida take longer, and thats just all messed up. But anyways, I'm going to be setting it up later...
  7. L

    Pro Mist PM50

    I have a used promist pm50 for sale. I have the pump, hoses, and connections. The only thing is the nozzle I have is clogged, so you would need to buy a new nozzle, which is around ten dollars. Everything still works great. PM me with offers. I can also send pics if anyone is interested...
  8. Pascal Taking A Shower

    Pascal Taking A Shower

    This is a photo of my 5 month old panther ambilobe after a misting session.
  9. Toto And Fog

    Toto And Fog

  10. Morning Shower

    Morning Shower

    My nosy be drinking water in the morning
  11. Misting


    Large mister
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