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  1. summoner12

    AquaZamp-Black Friday Sale!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with friends and family! I wanted to post about where I have been and what has been going on at AquaZamp. A few months ago I suffered a very mild heart attack. The strange thing is that there isn't really anything wrong...
  2. summoner12

    AquaZamp-Pomona Reptile Super Show

    AquaZamp will be at the Pomona Reptile Super Show! The show is this weekend August 9th & 10th at the Pomona FairPlex. Reptile Super Show Website Link As always, we'll be at the show with systems on display, come and see our stuff in action! We always have special show prices, save...
  3. LLLReptile

    Mist King Misting System - reliable and one of the best systems out there!

    The Mist King is considered one of the very best misting systems on the market today! * * We put together this system by listening to our customers. The components featured are the most commonly ordered and asked for by our customers. You can further customize the system by adding more...
  4. summoner12

    AquaZamp - Sale!

    AquaZamp AquaZamp is having an election sale this week. Since AquaZamp is a company of the United States and it's products are made in the US, I thought this would be a great week to celebrate our democratic process. Purchase any of the Premium AquaZamp systems and receive free shipping...
  5. Seeco

    My Methods Part 4 Baby Cage Rack

    As usual if you use these methods give me some credit. A job at the zoo would be sufficient. Ask permission before reusing the pics. Here is one of my baby cages. You all have seen this before. DIY on my blog: Here is a whole rack of them. Count 'em. You can see the brown mist hoses running...
  6. Seeco

    IT'S ME! Late Introduction and Link to my Blog With Cool Pix

    Meet your breeder! Hi, after several years here I have decided to introduce myself! I have added blog entries with pics from my other hobbies here:https://www.chameleonforums.com/blogs/seeco/ Here's a teaser to get you to go to the blog: As you probably know I breed chameleons, exclusively...
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