IT'S ME! Late Introduction and Link to my Blog With Cool Pix

Discussion in 'The Lizard Lounge' started by Seeco, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Seeco

    Seeco New Member

    Meet your breeder!

    Hi, after several years here I have decided to introduce myself! I have added blog entries with pics from my other hobbies here:

    Here's a teaser to get you to go to the blog:

    As you probably know I breed chameleons, exclusively Kinyongia multituberculata. My other hobbies are, in order of importance (or time consumed!): Surfing and bodysurfing (no board just fins), freediving (diving and hunting stuff without scuba), gardening.

    The blog does not have text yet but I will elaborate as I add stuff. I don't use any social networking sites so you guys are my online community! Pleasure to meet you:D

    Check me out:
  2. jessica

    jessica Avid Member

    Ok so you peaked my curiosity I had to look ;)

    I want to come Earth Harvesting at your house! Lol
  3. Seeco

    Seeco New Member

    Yeah, each of those pics is a different season's garden. Right now there are beans and cantaloupe just sprouting! Look closely at the irrigation system for chameleon watering ideas!
    Lettuce sprouts. Just turn this upside down and you have the ultimate mist and drip system;
  4. okiroo

    okiroo Avid Member

    im the pics under the chamleon sign there were so many cute little chams. do you breed all of them?
  5. Seeco

    Seeco New Member

    Yup, sure did! I had babies from all 6 of my lines, about 30 animals, plus 5 or so WC animals from my original colony. Now I have no WC animals at all!
  6. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    Louis, I love you to death even if you are a nut. It is a bit late to tell people who you are but whatever. I can not even fathom how you are caring for all your chams. I was up to 23 at one point and it took me most of the day.

    Don't show any more diving pictures. Before I move here we almost lived in the water at Diver's cove or catalina. I so miss the ocean.
  7. Seeco

    Seeco New Member

    Oh no way! One of my dreams is to make, like how some people have a koi pond, a living Pacific tide pool with Garabaldi and seastars and a Sheepshead swimming around. Now that would be nuts!
  8. Seeco

    Seeco New Member

    Bump for the weekend readers!
  9. Kent67

    Kent67 Retired Moderator

    Ha! I know exactly where you live now. Muwahahaha.... We really like the little, private beach at the end of your street. ;)

  10. Seeco

    Seeco New Member

    Hahaha you bastard! Fortunately my chameleons are worthless ;) If you are in the area just knock. I'm gonna share my caging techniques with the community soon so no reason to keep things secret anymore.
  11. Kent67

    Kent67 Retired Moderator

    Right on, may just have to do that. My fiance used to live right around the corner from you on P.L.A. Now we're about 12 blocks north on the other side of "the area." :cool:
  12. adamkwas

    adamkwas Member


    Interesting, nice to know a little bit about you! I'm a plant guy myself!
  13. Syn

    Syn Avid Member

    I'm incredibly jealous of the greenery you have. I love gardening and similar, just don't have the climate/weather for it. :(
  14. Seeco

    Seeco New Member

    Why's that? Are you really high elevation? How about a nopales cactus farm :D
  15. Motherlode Chameleon

    Motherlode Chameleon Chameleon Enthusiast

    Have you ever seen a great white while diving? My cousin saw one while diving of the coast of Santa Barbara. Being that close to the oceans got to produce some great chameleon keeping conditions. Mild temperatures and some humidity. Which would definitely lower your electricity bill. Speaking of which a lower electricity bill would be great for the greenhouse especially this time of year.
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  16. Seeco

    Seeco New Member

    Ya and MY LANDLADY PAYS THE WATER BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I use a lot of mist, primarily for cooling this time of year. Even the cages in the garage only need a window fan on a timer for the hottest part of the day. In the winter the outside guys still get no electricity/heat but I do mist with hot water.

    As for great whites -- no. I had the back of a surfboard bitten off once... by a seal!

    I speared a white sea bass a few months ago. It tangled horribly in the kelp. I even lost my gun and the fish (attached) for about 10 minutes. Thrashing around and diving 20 times to free it brought in at least 3 sharks. They were circling on the bottom (never saw more than 2 at a time but there could have been 10 because the horrible visibility only allowed me to see about 5 ft in any direction). After that I just cut my line and pulled up the gun and the fish separately :eek:
  17. Motherlode Chameleon

    Motherlode Chameleon Chameleon Enthusiast

    I had the opportunity to keep chameleons while living along the coast of Malibu. It was great weather for them. I had a batch of baby pardalis and would take them to the beach and draw a crowd of corporate executives. Which was kind of neat. Sad to say though if your are ever tempted to feed kelp flies to baby chameleons (was once recommend to me) don't. I offered some to some pardalis babies and it killed all of them. It was something I would gladly spare anyone else. A year after that they sited a Great White of one of the beaches I used to go to and close to a beach that I used to surf.
  18. Seeco

    Seeco New Member

    I ALWAYS think about doing that when I see them, but I always forget. Wow that was a close one thanks for the warning. I wonder what exactly killed them? Salts?
  19. Syn

    Syn Avid Member

    No, we're too far "down" in a valley to get much rain (all this concrete doesn't help).. and it doesn't help we only have one major water company in most of AZ.
  20. Seeco

    Seeco New Member

    Gotcha. Yeah my water is paid by the owner like I said above, but my neighbors are always comparing their water bills and complaining. Peanut farm.

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