My Methods Part 4 Baby Cage Rack


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As usual if you use these methods give me some credit. A job at the zoo would be sufficient. Ask permission before reusing the pics.

Here is one of my baby cages. You all have seen this before. DIY on my blog:

Here is a whole rack of them. Count 'em. You can see the brown mist hoses running down to each cage. All the electricity is on timer. The heat lamps are hooked up to thermostats that shut off at 75 degrees. All the water is on timer. All I do is throw food in:

Here is the mist system in action:

Here is the filter, water timer, and splitter to run water to the outside cages:

Here is a view of the rack and the drainage. All the cages have screen bottoms and this gutter runs right back into the sink where you see the timer. Oh you can also see a baby in there. The blue tick marks on the bottom of the cage is how many are in there. I just wipe it off with a sponge as they sell:
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Nice system.

Do you use fruit flies and if so, do stay in the tubs pretty well or do they sneak out between the lid and lip?
The smaller melanogaster sneak out but hydei usually can't squeeze through. A sprinkle of vinegar or some old fruit will keep them in AND attract escapees BACK in!!

Sometimes when I run out of flies I can call them in from who knows where with this trick.


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Bump. Glad I'm starting to see some forum members utilizing this approach.
I absolutely love the hardware cloth interior! It works really well :) I used your thread when making my bins and love them, I tweaked it a little to save time but same concept! They work great :D


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I just wrote this in a thread about the exo terra uv light so I'll add it here too. It better demonstrates the "fine nuances" of my setup:

Sorry for the delay. Ok here is what I am talking about (disclaimer: all my setups look ugly as heck but they REALLY work great)

In this pic you can see how many cages I can light with the unit using the longest zoo med bulbs: I think there are 10 hatchling/juvenile bins on this rack. There are probably about 40 chams getting UV in this picture. The other thing is that I can easily suspend the lamp at just the right height with just some thin green wire.

Here you can see how a lamp housing would suck - I have limited screen top space and I don't have room for a hood or reflector. Most of the bins have 2-3 mist nozzles too. I cant have the heat light and everything all touching and melting each other lol. There is a cham right under the mist there -- he is getting the perfect combo of heat, UV and water all at the same time.

This unit is especially great now that UV bulbs are so much thinner. Just look how nice everything is spaced on top of that cage.

BTW I do not have the one with the built in timer. I just use a outlet timer for everything.
So are you getting me ready for babies already? My kids are still babies, but this will be nice to refer back to. How long are your lights? I use 48"


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Ya, two 48's straight across the top. Since the tube runs across the width of the cages, rather than the length, I can fit more underneath.
Want to know!

I have two cages now and i am wondering how to set up a automatic drip system. Can you explain (in more detail) how and what you used. i.e. your pump, and how your hosing is routed, and maybe cost's. Thanks Seeco!:D
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