jackson chameleon

  1. Jay Sick

    3 1/2 month old Jacksonii jacksonii for sale

    CB male ambilobe ybbb/rbrb 3 month old listed is lineage grand father, father, and father on mothers side this guy is gonna be amazing. $175 plus ship 973 563 9097 also have a female same age available
  2. Jay Sick

    $200 True Kenyan Jackson Females

    2 beautiful Female kenyan Jacksons chameleon one is prego. Been here 2 months eating very well. Remember these are not Hawaiian these are from kenya you will do good if you breed to other true kenyans fresh wc blood. Take both for $150 plus ship . 973 563 9097
  3. C

    minimum cage space for T. Jacksons?

    Fell in love with chams and so far my male veiled is doing fantastic and my feeder insects are breeding great. Looking to get a juvi male Jacksons. Going with reptibreeze. (My male is in the XL) What size would be appropriate? I heard they don't need AS much room as a adult veiled. Also...
  4. D

    Black fungus like growth on Jackson cham...

    I know you really can't see it in the picture, but its the best I could do. I had to use my phone to take the picture. Its a grayish-black bump on her foot, it had dry skin around it I got off by holding her under water though. The bump is still there, and I don't know what to do. She just...
  5. D

    Female Jackson refusing to mate

    I have been trying for over 2 months now to breed her, I put her into the males enclosure every 4-5 days sometimes a bit longer depending on how much she eats. She will turn dark colors, sway, and sometimes run from the male if he approaches her. The male is wanting to mate, he will do a mating...
  6. LLLReptile

    Male Dwarf Jackson's Chameleons

    Trioceros jacksonii merumontanus $89.99 each - males only Click here to check them out and order! -Jen
  7. studio2eight

    How much to sell babies for?

    I've successfully raised my first 'clutch' of Jackson's. They are currently 5 months old and ready for new homes, except I have no idea what to price them at. Does anyone know what they are going for? I would like to sell them privately to make sure they all get good homes.
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