1. Lukie Pookie

    Panther Chameleon died today after throwing up

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Male ambilobe chameleon, 6 months old bought from a breeder back in April. Been in only my care since then. Handling - I used to handle my chameleon every 3-4 days but since I put him in his 24x24x48 I haven't held him Feeding - I feed my chameleon large...
  2. lou e

    fearing impaction

    I fed my one year old veiled a very small pinky mouse a week ago today and he has not defecated since. He's never had anything besides insects before then. Also, I began a colony of dubias the same day- he's had about a dozen in the past week. Is there a standard amount of time of no defecating...
  3. J

    No idea what's wrong... need urgent help!

    Hiya, I have kept my veiled chameleon (Cammy) for 18 months now, he has never had any kind of problem before but he's seriously ill now. I found him the other day on the floor of his tank a couple of days ago, managed to pick him up to find that he has lost control of his back end. At first...
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