1. Dave

    Large and Jumbo Silkworms availible :-)

    I've got a few hundred large silkies available to anyone in need. 25 Large $8.95 50 Large $12.95 Also have about 60 Jumbos available.. 15 Jumbo $5.95 30 Jumbo $9.95 All cups are + shipping, plenty of premade chow and dry mix chow available as well :-) 1 lb Premade Chow $7.95 1/2 lb Dry Mix...
  2. Dave

    Medium Zebra Silkworms

    I have about 4000 Medium Zebra Silkworms (about 1" in length) left over from the Georgia Reptile Expo. $11.95 for a cup of 100. If you would like to get a cup of Small, Medium, or Large Phoenix Worms for $6, I'll guarentee shipping at no more than $5! Producing Fruit Fly Cultures also...
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