1. LLLReptile

    Add a fogging system to your cages - as easy as the twist of a dial!

    Foggers! Easily add a prehistoric mist to your cage using an ultrasonic fogger - this ZooMed ReptiFogger can be extended to use on any cage, and does not need to be placed in the cage or in a water bowl to work! At $49.99 each, ZooMed ReptiFoggers are also one of the most affordable ways...
  2. LLLReptile

    SALE on foggers and misters this week only!

    This week only, misters and foggers are on sale! Try a ZooMed Reptifogger for $8.49 off! Normally $49.99... Now $41.50! Try the ReptiRain for an easy to use, timed misting system! Normally $65.99, on sale this week for $53.60! Want a mist king of your very own? Pick one up this...
  3. summoner12

    AquaZamp @ San Diego Reptile Super Show

    Come down and see AquaZamp At The Reptile Super Show In San Diego This Weekend!! This is the first time the Super Show is having a "Fall Season" show. We are excited to go! Come take advantage of our show specials we offer our customers and see our equipment in action...
  4. B

    Is a fogger a necessity?

    Are foggers a necessity. At the moment i do not have much cash and was wandering if i could get the chameleon with a dripper and everything else it needs and get the fogger later or do i need the fogger with the chameleon.
  5. B

    Which Fogging system is better?

    Which of these two fogging systems is better: The Zoo-Med repti fogger or the Fogger XL Ultrasonic Mist Generator Thanks
  6. Toto And Fog

    Toto And Fog

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