eye problems

  1. chameleonneeds

    Panther issue

    (sorry the title should read panther eye issue)Hi guys. This is my first time encountering this problem and I was hoping anyone with experience with this may point me in the right direction for treatment? Any clues might be appropriate for me to mention to my vet in deciding exactly what it is...
  2. amalthea23

    Eye Irritation from bulbs.

    So, I knew there were stories about eye irritation from some UVB bulbs, but I honestly thought they were all out of circulation. Now, however, I'm not so sure. I'd bought a zoomed reptisun bulb a while ago, and never really thought about it, but after my cham had his recent eye problem, with two...
  3. ChamChiefin

    Eye Problem is reoccuring and worsened, awaiting vet appointment, need input.

    Hello, Recently I moved my Panther Chameleon to a new cage and not even a week later i notice his one eye is closed shut so i do some research and give him a few thorough showers/spray downs and his eye opens up and is working perfectly. A few days pass by and then i catch my chameleon rubbing...
  4. ReptileStation

    Major eye problem and no eating FIXED!

    Major eye problem and not eating FIXED! Major eye problem and not eating FIXED! This is how I did it guys. Someone was giving away a Female Ambilobe Panther Chameleon because she was sick and the owner did not have the time to care for her. So I decided to give it a shot to save her. I...
  5. Lleroy

    SABAX SODIUM CHLORIDE - in Chameleon eyes?

    I have two Female panther chameleons with eye problems. I bought the one about a week ago already with one damaged(dried out) eye. I am trying to save the eyes, but need some advice. I went to the Pharmacy and asked the guy behind the counter for SALINE solution with no additives. I told him its...
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