1. Good things about making friends with your vet

    Good things about making friends with your vet

    Hello! So some people have seen, my girl is laying her first clutch. It is very tense in my house, as she has had MBD. Being friends with Sweet Pea’s owner has helped me immensely, however it does not take away every anxiety. My exotic vet and I talk quite frequently. He has helped with Kiwi’s...
  2. 1st gasp of life

    1st gasp of life

    Female veiled chameleon seconds after breaching the egg.
  3. Ty and his baby green anole 6/25/19

    Ty and his baby green anole 6/25/19

    It’s officially anole season in southeast Louisiana. Ty has been finding egg shells everywhere, I’d say this little guy is less than a month old. Brown anoles are steadily creeping in, won’t be too long before they wipe out our native greens population.
  4. Ethen44

    Chameleon Mutation W/ Video

    This is from our clutch of F. Paradalis concieved on June 16th 2012. The babies began to hatch on Feb 14th, 2013, with the exception of one very large egg. We suspected all along that there may be 2 embrios in the enormous egg, and sadly we were correct. To our surprise, a baby mutant somehow...
  5. B

    What is this?!

    Hey all! I just walked by my chams cage, and found this thing hanging from the tip of a branch. What is it?? It's gooey and kinda looks like some sort of egg or something to me. I've included a picture of the 'thing', my cham Wilson, and his cage. Heres a more detailed description: As...
  6. kenya

    My beardie egg is hatching!

    The beardie egg I got along with my veiled eggs a few days ago is hatching as I type! May I present.....Pogona! (Pogo for short) This little guy is my first ever egg to hatch. May many more follow. :)
  7. Someones Got Some Eggs

    Someones Got Some Eggs

  8. Female Veiled Chameleon Laying

    Female Veiled Chameleon Laying

    My 3 year old Veiled Chameleon jade laying her eggs. She laid over 70 in total, this being her 3rd time. The 1st time over 90 eggs were laid!!!
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