1. codiwatkins

    DIY Living Wall Turtorial with PICTURES

    So I decided to make a terrarium wall for my Chams enclosure, instead of having plants on the ground. I am super excited with how it turned out and figured that maybe someone on here would like to see how I did it. I originally watched a youtube tutorial on how to do this for a frog terrarium in...
  2. Ninkylou

    And so it begins...

    Today marks the start and hopefully finish of the set up of my new Cham area. I am off to Lowes to find a hole saw to do my drainage, but here is a list of what I have and I will try to chronicle it in pictures. Video w/ sound might be better because I'm sure there will be some cursing...
  3. ReptiGeek

    Free Range/ Outdoor Playground

    Absolutely obsessed with making things right now since I can finally work outside now that the weather has begun to warm up. I went for a walk down to the beach the other day and picked up a bunch of drift wood. I got quite a few stares walking away with pieces of wood that were nearly the same...
  4. leet13

    My reptarium background *progress pics*

    So far this is what I have... about to go down there and work on it some more. I had a hard time carving the buddha head so i added clay to it to build up some spots. Those areas are in gray (it will dry white). oh yeah, it also has one layer of grout on it so far. I need to add some zip ties...
  5. M

    The Season For Cage Builds

    Well, I too am building a new chamy cage for our future veiled. I started this a while ago but ran into some design problems. Putting it up for the winter, I re-thought the ideas and have come up with a new design. The overall is 2'x2'x4'. It will have a 2'x2' drain pan in the bottom with...
  6. htownsoccer00

    Can someone please do a thorough!

    Cricket breeding guide or point me in the direction of one. I am trying to breed them and it was working okay, so I thought. I'm looking for something that has every need, specification and requirement right down to the core. I am more of a DIY kinda person so I'd rather make than buy. I know...
  7. Seeco

    My Methods Part 5 Cheapest Cage Ever and Egg Laying Bins

    I like to do things my own way. The result is often failure, but sometimes I come up with some interesting innovations. I'll be posting a few threads of some things I have slapped together. Instead of explanatory captions I'll just answer any questions you ask. The closer you look the more you...
  8. Seeco

    DIY guide for the Ultimate Baby Chameleon Cage

    Hi I have just updated my blog with pics and a guide to build the best baby cage ever. Check it out: In the guide I provide explanations about each feature. It...
  9. DJnSoCal

    Our Habitats - A Pictorial Overview

    Since bbqandtinyb and I have received a lot of questions and comments about our habitats, we wanted show everyone how we constructed them. If we would have known we would be THIS into chameleons, we could have constructed these all at once and saved some money and supplies. As it stands, we...
  10. My first DIY Cage

    My first DIY Cage

    This is Herbie's new home. Took me one week to make.
  11. Almost Done

    Almost Done

    Here is my first DIY cage. It measures 2' deep x 4' wide x 4'tall.
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