Female Panther digging...

    So today I come home and can't find Purps. She's gone! I thought someone stole her because she was outside in her sunning cage and I left for an hour to get some car tools. Anyway, I found her in her plant, digging in the pot. I assume she is laying eggs. She had been a bit chubby lately and her...
  2. chamcrazy

    female in distress?

    My very gravid female is 20 days out since copulation. She has been digging tunnels in her soil for 2-1/2 days now. (All day long except for night time.) I have kept a close eye one her and she has yet to lay them. (I give her plenty of seclusion and do not let her see me when I peek in.) Her...
  3. Lady B kicking out some eggs.

    Lady B kicking out some eggs.

    Don't have my male and female visually seperated. She kicked out her eggs last week and is doing fine now. Eating like there is no tomorrow.
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