CA Canada Shipping - Silkworm Eggs and Chow

    For customers in Canada, we are able to supply our silkworm eggs and silkworm chow to your country without a need for permit. We have arranged special agreements with both FedEx and DHL to get affordable air shipping rates to your country and clear our items in customs for you. While we have...
  2. C

    Shipping to Canada

    Do you need an export permit to send a chameleon to Canada from the United States? Anyone recommend a shipping company?
  3. ReptiGeek

    Where to buy screen enclosure in Canada?

    Title says it all! My Canadian friends, where do you guys buy your screen enclosures?! I can't find diddly squat. PS. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, didn't know where else to post this.
  4. StreetMoggy

    Installed New Canadian drip system!

    Made from only the finest freshly fallen snow :D
  5. Echoezra

    Insect suppliers in Ontario/Canada

    Hey guys, so I just found out this week that my usual supplier sold his company, so things might be changing as far as billing me separately, getting certain sizes, or items, etc with the new management. So I just want to look into my options as far as other companies. Can you guys recommend...
  6. Echoezra

    How close is too close? Related-wise. Or how far removed is okay?

    So i'm wanting to breed my boys in the future and I've been kind of scouting for a suitable girlfriend. I had wanted a baby or young girl we could raise up ourselves. I'm not in a hurry really except for one nagging thing - a fear in the back of my mind is a fear that something unfortunate might...
  7. Jayce

    WANTED: Dubias in Canada

    I am located in Fort St John, BC. I am willing to wait until spring if they need to be shipped because of the weather. Otherwise, I will be in Edmonton May 24/25, Prince George twice in April, and Chilliwack for a week or so mid April. I am driving, so anywhere between Fort St John and...
  8. Jayce

    New, and looking for a Jackson's or Panther (or both, ha) in Canada

    Hi Everyone! I have been lurking for a bit now, and reading everything I can. I am planning to get either a Jackson's or a Panther at the spring show (May 24-25) in Edmonton this year, depending on what is available, and where/who it will be coming from. I have kept veileds (successfully...
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