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Hey guys, so I just found out this week that my usual supplier sold his company, so things might be changing as far as billing me separately, getting certain sizes, or items, etc with the new management. So I just want to look into my options as far as other companies.
Can you guys recommend your preferred suppliers if you've tried several? In regards to quality, customer service or price. Or just a list of options to look into. And what items they sell or dont sell, if you get certain things from one company and other things from another.
And what to expect as far as shipping costs, I've never had to ship my bugs before I don't know what is good or bad pricing as far as that's concerned.

Thanks you guys, I'd really appreciate the advice. :)


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the only place i order from is port credit pets, 1000 comes to almost 40 with shipping, kinda pricy so i just get in on my local pet shops order now.


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Well that's sort of the set-up I had going on, but I was billed separately and just paid my bill when they dropped off the pet store's order. (I always worked on delivery day)
I think the new delivery day may be changing, which could make that slightly more complicated.
But if my boss has to order my stuff on his bill, then he has to sell my items to me retail, minus my employee discount. But I'm sure that will still be more than the wholesale price I was paying before. My boss wouldn't mind not making money off me, he's used to that since I wasn't buying most of my stuff off him anyway I was getting my own order. But if it has to be on his bill he kind of has to sell it to show inventory in & out. So i may have to bill seperately. It depends on if an order from a supplier costs less than pet store retail. Because I know I can't really justify getting that wholesale price to the new owners, since I'm not actually a company, and don't order in huge bulk since I only have the two chameleons, and order every week. :(
I wouldn't be terribly concerned cause I know I'm only feeding two right now. It just kind of screwed me over the last couple weeks cause he didn't tell me I wasn't getting any of my horn or silk worms, so I didn't know to order anything else to replace it, like even extra crickets, and then this past week they came a day late, also without pre-warning me, and I work all weekend, so there's no way for me to get out to another store to buy anything last minute, or for two days afterwards. I also had to hear about the sale and changes from my boss, not him, which was also frustrating as a customer. So in the meantime I don't know what's going to change or even how to contact the new owners to ask them in advance. I don't know if or when my existing orders will stop coming, so I have to figure some kind of a backup plan out - because this supplier supplies almost all the local shops - so if they're being left up in the air during this transition too, they at the very least, won't have worms either.
Sigh, so it's not so much the money, although that is kind of a pisser comsidering i've been hoping to get a couple more chams soon. And it will be inconvenient for me to have to drive to neighboring cities to get my bugs now, rather than having them come right to me. But mainly it's just incredibly frustrating not knowing, the what or the when. You know?


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Ah yes, the bane of Ontario keepers; consistent insect suppliers. They just come and go with regularity. I was going to suggest Canadian Feeders as they are down your way in Windsor but when I went to their site just now they have gone the way of the dodo as well. I'm surprised and a little shocked at that.

The only other people I can think of that are semi-close and would give somewhat consistent service is Port Credit Pet Centre:

I use Capital Rodents (old site sponsor) here in Ottawa and can vouch for his service and price but I don't think it will be a realistic option for you price wise.

Another good supplier is Recorp. They don't sell crickets but seem to have everything else tasty:


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I was going to suggest Canadian Feeders as they are down your way in Windsor but when I went to their site just now they have gone the way of the dodo as well. I'm surprised and a little shocked at that.
Wow. I was just about to place an order with them. Quite suprised they went out of business.

Other options:


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Well, Canadian Feeders was who I was talking about. He sold the business. A couple days ago the website wasnt updated.
He said I guess he'll still be doing deliveries for the new owners, I just don't know what all might be changing. Rob told me the new owner's name, but I can't remember it. It was some guy's name and then Boas??
Thanks for the other suggestions guys.
What about chameleon nation, their site says they sell feeders, anybody order from them?


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Everyone seems to be going lately . I tried that feederfactory seems they are gone too? Canadian feeders has gone to I was in contact with someone named Rachel. She seems helpful and nice.


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i would go with portcredit pets or bugorder
trinitychameleons have good chams but getting bugs from them, in my personal experiance, was a pain in the @$$
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