1. VerteX

    Still Around...

  2. VerteX

    Calcifer, He's Still Serious

    There you go SoCaliSon. Hope you like :) Enjoy, V
  3. VerteX

    Veiled Macros

    Hi! It's been a long time since my last photo thread. Here are some close-up photos I took for our two veileds, Kermit(female) and Calcifer(male). Magnification is roughly between 1:1 and 2:1. Enjoy... Calcifer, semi portrait Calcifer tail Calcifer casque Kermit claws Kermit foot...
  4. Not Happy With The Move

    Not Happy With The Move

    Calcifer expresses himself about the cage location change in the house.
  5. Solid Stance

    Solid Stance

    Calcifer displays his solid stance. He backs up every bit of it with a powerful bite.
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