1. Provancha65

    Issues at tip of mouth

    My 4-5 month old female Sambava has some darkening at the tip of her mouth and potentially a small amount of inflammation. It seems likely that the darkness was the result of friction between the tip of her mouth/lip with the fabric of the bag she was in, the fibers themselves being relatively...
  2. Raphael1047

    I need a second opinion

    i need a second opinion on my panther chameleons gender, here are some pictures. If she is a girl, is she gravid? i put a laying bin in her cage already just in case. and yes she does have a short tail and a black thing on her head. the black bump is under control though.
  3. LeahMcL

    continuous dark colored veiled cham

    My 8 month old veiled chameleon Apollo has been dark for the last day and a half and I know I need to get a lot more plants but I just upgraded from a small reptibreeze to an extra large. He seemed to be doing okay for about 3 weeks until yesterday. I am just wondering if he is stressed about...
  4. J

    Pygmy cham unknown injury

    I posted a thread a few weeks ago talking about her (is she def a girl?) injury and people didnt seems to know what it was. Its still there so thought i would get some pics up to see if anyone can help. The back left leg is able to move but has no grip. Origanaly both legs were black...
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