1. B

    How do you feed darkling beetles?

    I would like to feed my chameleon a darkling beetle every once and a while for variety and i was wandering how you do it. Do you free range them or are they aggressive? Do you have to cup feed them or what? Do you have to prepare them in any way? Thanks very much.
  2. B

    Do you still get a chitin build up with the darkling beetle?

    You know how mealworms are the larval form of the darkling beetle and that you can't feed to many because of a build up of chitin well can you feed the pupae or the darkling beetle or will chitin still build up thanks.
  3. B

    Are weevil beetles edible?

    Are weevil beetles edible? There have been lots around my house.
  4. vindicatedornot

    so i found this beetle.

    He was hanging out in my roach bin. I have no idea what kind he is but I took a blurry picture lol. Anyone know if he's safe to feed to my cham? He's been gutloading this whole time so i doubt he's full of poison. Any help is appreciated. -Andrea
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