baby chameleon cages


    infertile or bad eggs?

    So it has almost been 5 months since my female veiled laid 35 eggs. I've got them closet incubating and they all seem solid, white, no mold, not yellow, etc. is there anything in specific I should look for for possibly bad eggs? I imagine they should hatch soon, right? I have them in moist...
  2. trevev

    help with hatchling panther setup

    Hi, guys. I need help with my hatchling panther chameleon set up. My basking temperature is about 84. I do have reptisun 5.0 florescent lights, but I took them off for a better shot of the cage. I am feeding them fruitflies and pinhead crickets. The feeders keep falling to the bottom of the...
  3. suzi

    Only view this video if you enjoy cute babies

    Just uploaded a video of my November 2011 clutch that I think you will enjoy! Direct Link:
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