Only view this video if you enjoy cute babies


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Suzi this is such a great video!!! The babies are doing so good!! Amazing to see how how they are feeding!!!! love those slow motions shots!!!! I am so excited just knowing I get to watch these babies grow until I am blessed to have mine come home with me!!!!!


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They are SO cute!! That one almost got knocked over backwards getting that cricket so close to I can't wait for my little girl to come home!! They look wonderful. Great job with them Suzi!!!


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great vid, in the second slow motion you can really see the power of the tounge, ( pushes his little head back LoL )


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Thanks guys! It is so hard not to stand there and film them all day :p
@K9 one of these lil guys is going to be spoiled rotten by you :D I am glad you can watch them grow, there will be more to come!
@Clarke you know that the prettiest lil girl of the clutch is reserved to be the future " Mrs. George :)
Thanks, Beboson and absolutbill and okiroo! :)
@Hoj, thanks, that was pretty funny lol :p


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my favorite kind of Thread in the world BABIES!

They look awesome, and the way they are going after the food with such determination. Loved the slow motion Congratulations :)
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