1. sammseals

    age vs colors

    I have a male panther chameleon named Leo. He is a little over a year old. He hasnt gotten a lot of colors yet. I can see a little red coming in on his bridge and around his eyes, but not much. His parents have vibrant reds, greens, blues, and oranges. I just wanted to hear everyones opinions...
  2. Zajlol

    my little guy is a year old! :) (pic heavy)

    time fly's when your having fun. lol hes now a year old today, and im so happy with him. his sire is sunfire from kammers. here are some pics i just took today...
  3. JordanD

    How old does My Ambilobe Male look

    Hello, I was told by the pet shop He was any were from 6mo-12mo but He is bigger than I expected (He's My first Chameleon) what would You say estimation wise? is He full grown/Finished colouring? :confused: Here He is...
  4. Seeco

    Age progression male Kinyongia multituberculata

    Selected as a breeder at a very early age for his highly speckled pattern. Pretty cool aside from the horns bending: About 3 months. That is my pinkie he is on. Umm 5 months, who knows...Good example of an undersize cage. I have no recollection of taking this pic going with 9 months 12...
  5. Owner of Spanky

    What is the approximate age of my female veiled?

    She is 2" from snout to vent. I would have found this out with the petstore owner, but he closed his store two days after I got her.
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