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    BioBubble Reptile Drinking Fountain

    I have one. I bought it with the intentions of only using it on my free range, but my blue goober won't stay on his free range so that didn't work out. I did put it in his cage for one day (pain in the butt to do) to see if he would even mess with it, and he didn't even hesitate to drink from...
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    Comment by 'xraygirl' in media 'Cooper Tribute'

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    Tiny worms

    .... Well, I'd call them back.
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    Tiny worms

    NO, NO, NOOOOOO. You do NOT dust with D3 2x a month for MONTANE SPECIES!! Montanes are especially sensitive to D3. They do NOT have the same care as a veiled or a panther. Please do NOT assume that all the various types of chameleons have the same care when it comes to food, heat, lighting...
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    Enjoying his indoor orchid jungle
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    Tiny worms

    I was going to post a crabby rant, but I deleted it and choosing not to. Hailey, please, stop taking advice and reading the "pamphlets" from Petco or wherever. Get your advice here from REPUTABLE members, meaning, members who have been on this forum for a WHILE. Read the care sheets ON THIS...
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    I agree with Mike and Brownie... Looks like a a female.
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    I don't think my cham is going to make it through the night

    I'm not sure what lumps look similar to what my Chief has, but from what I see, it doesn't look like that. My mind is thinking gout when it comes to the enlarged joints. My Chief has papilloma which involves growing horn like growths all over his body that are removed by a biopsy punch and then...
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    Papilloma Virus

    I think that did the trick Jann :) Actually, he HATES the whole showering thing, and I try to leave him alone as much as I can, but I got him out of his cage and gave him a little spa and that instantly did the trick. Got both of his eyes open and hopefully tomorrow he'll be back to his usual self.
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    Papilloma Virus

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments... he's had a rough couple of days because I ran out of eye drops for his eyes.... I hope I can get him back to 100% once I get some drops in them hopefully in the morning.
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    Papilloma Virus

    Me too Jann, love him to bits. <3
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    Papilloma Virus

    Not sure other than just being transmitted by poor hygiene and cross contamination. Here he is today... I held his cup right up to him and he stuck his head in the cup to grab the worm (he misses with his tongue and eye issues), but held onto the cup. I was in a awkward position and tried to...
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    Papilloma Virus

    I agree, lots of chams out there and just not enough info on this mysterious virus. Wish there was something to slow the growths down. He has his good days and bad... As long as I can get some of his eye drops in, he does fine. But sometimes he likes to be a stubborn little patient ;) I won't...
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    Papilloma Virus

    Chief is still progressing along, slowing down a little bit. His eyes started to bother him, almost like they were drying out on him and he started to act like he was blind about 2 months ago. I hand feed and hand water him a lot. If anyone is wondering, I picked him up from a repticon show as a...
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