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    oh boy!

    So lately my female has been roaming the grounds trying to lay her eggs.. the holes kept collapsing and she would just make a new one. since my local stores didnt have any sculpting sand or coconut bark, i had to make my own recipe of soil for her to lay in. after the first few holes held...
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    Chameleon on the ground?

    well my veileds used to (still sometimes do) wander the ground after i feed them. they eat the worms and crickets i give them (i give them a planned diet) and they still seem to be hungry after that on some occasions. which a few minutes after they realize they are out of food, they wander...
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    Uh oh...

    So i was cleaning both of my chams cages at the same time, i thought it would help save a bit of time doing them together.. so i took out my male and set him in a plant in my room, and my female in another plant in my bathroom.. i began cleaning the cages and about halfway through, i went...
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    weird posture

    darn, ive been following this thread for a while now. and im really sorry to hear that he died. he was a cute little guy too. i had my first veiled cham die about 2 weeks after i got him :[ he ate some of the perlite in the potting soil that was used in the plants. i felt so...
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    New Baby Guess What?

    i dont know anything about chams or species.. i just know how to keep them alive and happy :P but ill go with.. parsons?
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    Timeline...growth of a parsonii

    wow. they sure a beautiful little guys :] how much do babies run for?
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    Timeline...growth of a parsonii

    yea, their skin looks like an old persons. they have a lot of character :] he looks great btw
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    Chlorine, tap water?

    yea, i figured that much. im still saying safe and using non chlorinated, safe bottled water. just wanted to see what everyone though on the idea of tap water :]
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    Chlorine, tap water?

    Ive heard that the chlorine amounts in tap water is actually fatal to a chameleon.. so ive always been using chlorine free water, and i dont mind it at all. but is it really true? what happens if i do run tap water into their dripper? will it have a serious affect? im still going to run...
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    non-breading female laying eggs?

    err. for a chameleon that big, you should be feeding her wayy more than 3 crickets a day. way more
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    going to the toilet ??

    surprising, ive actually seen my veieled run to a perch point, right above the water collecting cup, and poop in it, then leave the area. i wasnt deliberatley watching her, dont think im some freak, :P but she actually goes in the same, or very close to same place, to drop her load every time
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    Noob Here, need a lot of info

    Well im sure someone else is going to post after me and comb out all the little necessities about owning one. but to start off: Welcome to the forums, ask anyone any question, and as usual someone with more intelligence than me will answer it :] so. with the very basics. (more people...
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    feeding quantities ?? please help !!

    hmm, well i usually feed mine each about 10 large crickets for their breakfast before i go to school, and another 10 around right now (4pm pacific time) what size crickets are you feeding him? and if hes scavenging around the ground (as do mine) id feed him more until hes satisfied...
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    My First Chameleon! Finally!

    Hmm, sorry for double posting. but i think he looks like a "Ben"
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    My First Chameleon! Finally!

    Congrats on getting your first cham! he looks very healthy and has nice colors for his age :) how much did you purchase him for?
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