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    Power Outage

    That's what I figured. Thank you for clarifying. I'll see if I can figure something out to get the room lit up a bit more. I have taken them outside during a power outage in the past. The storm keeps hitting on and off, and all I have are aluminum cages. I don't want to run the chance of...
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    High Output Fixtures

    Okay, thanks guys. The only reason I wasn't planning on going with the dual fixture was because I use all fake plants. Most on the forums use the full spectrum bulbs for their plants. I wasn't trying to be cheap or not give them what they need. The Chameleon room has a ton of natural lighting...
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    Power Outage

    Our power went out last night, and it won't be on for another two days. The temperature in the house is 72F right now. It will probably get a little hotter throughout the day, considering it's summer. Will they be okay even without their basking spot for that long? They've been waking and...
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    High Output Fixtures

    Thank you for the help. :) I just figured it was unnecessary. I currently have a heat lamp, and a separate 5.0 UVB light setup for both of my boys. I've been planning to upgrade to HO, and thought two 6% Arcadia's would be overkill. Also, I have no use for a plant light. I leave the room...
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    High Output Fixtures

    Question.. If I do get a double bulb fixture, do I have to use two bulbs?
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    High Output Fixtures

    Hey guys, I need some recommendations. I'm searching for a 22" (single bulb) T-5 High Output fixture. It seems most of the fixtures are double bulb or more. If anyone can point me in the direction of a trustworthy site with a quality brand, that would be much appreciated. *I've checked...
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    Blue Ambanjas, unite!

    Nihlus is still a growing baby, so his colors aren't fully formed. He's mostly blue, with red sprinkles. :)
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    Splash Baby- Love love love

    I can definitely tell that he's a Splash baby! He looks almost all red/blue, with an orange background. It'ss got your name written all over it, Crossfire. Lol.
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    Sadie Has Left Me Way To Soon

    I am so sorry for your family's loss, Jann. I know I'm a little late, but I just saw this and had to give you my condolences. Sadie was truly the most beautiful female Veiled I've ever seen. Her pictures always brightened my day. It's such a shame that she left us so young. Sadie will live on in...
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    What is this on my cham?

    I can't diagnose him, but I can give you my personal opinion. It looks like a burn to me. That is a pretty common spot for burns. It would also explain why he looks dehydrated. I would lift the heat lamp off of the cage if it is sitting directly on the screen. Double check your temps with a...
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    Who's on Instagram???

    @nataliejordan90 You can find members easily by looking at #chameleonforums.
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    Over Supplementing Warning

    Thank you for this post. You completely understood what I was going for with this thread. I also found it weird that the Exo Terra Calcium contains all of these other ingredients, yet the Calcium with D3 didn't. They also sell a Multivitamin, which contains the same ingredients as the Calcium...
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    Over Supplementing Warning

    I completely agree with you Ferret. I'm not sure if you read the entire thread, but I retracted my statement. I was speaking about the Exo Terra Calcium in particular. By no means did I intend to imply that Calcium is bad. Calcium is a very important factor to raising a healthy Chameleon. I...
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    So Icey Boy

    Ambanja for sure. Possible Nosy Be mix, but the Ambanja traits are there. Nihlus gets the red dashes on his bars too. Ice looks great by the way! :)
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    Nacho's colors are coming in!

    Lookin' good! ;) I really like his name.
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