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    Water pool on bottom of tank, help please..

    This. For my drainage, I used a drill bit about the size of a dime attached to a power drill to make the hole in the PVC bottom of my standard reptibreeze. My cage sits on a wire rack that water can pass through. There are just simple buckets underneath to catch the falling water. Because I...
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    Comment by 'twinklefingers' in 'Intro to Bio-Activity'

    W O W You *have time* to *write* this?? All hail. The layout and just everything... it's beyond goals. THANK YOU
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    Pics of your XL setup....lets goooo

    I recommend the trellis on the sides. Save their little toenails!
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    Going Bioactive

    I'm in the same boat!!! :D I've watched a lot of YouTube videos, but find myself wanting to understand the science more. Wondering if there are good books. I haven't found a complete front to back guide for chameleons, with what lights and misters etc. Been trying to piece together as I learn.
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    How to Feed Flying Food (Hawk Moths)

    Hello I've kept some phoenix/calci worms until they've turned into Black Soldier Flies (on accident) and now I am endeavoring to keep hormworms to hawk moths. My question is, how do you catch and feed flying insects to your chameleon? How do you transfer them from their cage (I plan on rearing...
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    Hard water question

    Ah I see. The good news is the only reason I switched was for more capacity and options. But the reptirain did it's job well otherwise and has an awesome upgrade from hand misting :)
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    Hard water question

    Yes. Reverse Osmosis water. I had a repti rain, but returned it for the cheapest mistking set. Have you looked at those? You don't have to refill them every day is why I switched. I got my mistking for $30 or $40 more than the reptirain so it was totally worth it for me.
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    Comment by 'twinklefingers' in 'An Up-To-Date Husbandry Form'

    Hi @TonyaAdams I didn't really have any pix of my own chameleon at the time, and besides, I think the picture is cool. Their skeletons are cool! I'd have thought their veil was cartalidge, but I read somewhere that they may actually use that bone to 'hear' deep sound vibrations, kinda like an...
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    He feels tubby and wants to be called handsome

    Hey all. Khalid is growing up and still eats all he wants. At what point should I curb his eating? How many cricket size portions should he get at about 8 months old? Also he told me he wanted strangers on the internet to call him handsome so he had me take these fresh pix to show off his good...
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    Veiled Chameleon is always Brown when In cage

    I'm not the OP but I have a similar situation happening. Mine is about 5 months and displays the same color patterns mentioned and pictured by OP. I also can see my temps are correct but wonder as a new keeper if he is wanting more heat. I haven't read before that it is a stage they go through...
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    Heating question from a new chameleon owner...

    I am finally having good luck with a 150w Ceramic Heat Emitter with a Flukers 10" lamp that will specifically support CHEs up to 250w in case. I hooked this lamp up to an Inkbird on/off thermostat and set a day and night temperature. The result is it goes on and off during the day to keep his...
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    Climbing the screen

    Thanks for checking out my form! The 150W has achieved the right temps. I hooked it up to an on/off ink bird thermostat, too. So the temps haven't been worrying me lately. I use a t5ho 5.0uvb tube bulb as well. I'll incorporate more branches under the bulbs in the big cage he's moving to...
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    Climbing the screen

    Thank you. This makes sense. I'll put him in his bigger cage instead of waiting.
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    Climbing the screen

    I'll cut back the misting to twice a day and see how that goes. I'd put him in the bigger cage right away, but then I'm afraid he'll climb the screen and fall 4 feet. Should I do it anyway? In 2-4 weeks I will install the trellis as soon as it arrives either way.
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    Climbing the screen

    Oh man!! I just noticed that one of his toenails has ripped out. :( :( I hope it grows back.
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