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    UVB fixture upgrade

    Yo yo yo I've been listening to Bill's podcasts. I'm excited about this one right now - which one is your favorite? So I want to upgrade my UVB situation. Current situation: Single fixture t5 10UVB I would like to upgrade to a quad (or a dual?) and add some plant lights. If I have a UVB and...
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    Veiled Wet or Dry Shed?

    Right now 54% in the middle of the cage. Usually there or less during day. I'm still working on upping humidity at night, but I haven't seen evidence of dehydration in his urates.
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    10.0 or 5.0 uvb for veiled chameleon?

    Any recommendations on a solar meter? Tricks to get them for less than $200?
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    Veiled Wet or Dry Shed?

    I've heard mixed reviews on whether veileds like humidity or dry air to shed. I've been operating under the assumption they are more dry-shedders, but my boy takes a while and there are usually flakes left behind. I do keep an eye on his tail and toes and eyes to make sure the shed doesn't...
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    Is My Cham Getting Tubby?

    That homemade weigh-er branch is brilliant. This is what a tubby veiled looks like. So make sure his casque isn't puffy is step one.
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    Hawkmoths aren't flying, eating yet [VIDEO]

    Thanks for the insight @Beman!
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    Hawkmoths aren't flying, eating yet [VIDEO]

    Any idea how long the newly hatched hawk moths take to start flying or eating? I have a hummingbird feeder in there, but they are not going for it. Unless I disturb them, they just chill on the screen or on sticks all day. It's been 48 hours+ for some of them. One just hatched last night...
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    Hornworm moths won't lay eggs

    Hatching hawk moths...
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    Chameleon Selection

    If you are worried about being new, you could go with a veiled because you will find the most information about them online. It seems they are not only known for being slightly easier, but that they are also the most common.
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    Hornworm Food

    I have seen them eat Repashy Bug Burger in a pinch, but I think they are pretty particular otherwise. You can get dry or cooked hornworm chow online to have around for next time you order. I ordered some today, too, actually.
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    Can an 11 month old eat a hawk moth?

    My plan is to find a different plant that takes up less room for the 18x18x36 reptibreeze. Even if its some fake plants I have for now. I found this video on hand feeding. Looks doable if needed:
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    Can an 11 month old eat a hawk moth?

    How did I come to be hatching hawk moths in my kitchen? It wasn't intentional, really; I had too many hornworms and decided to do an experiment. So I did some research and winged some parts... Here's what I did: I think I was inspired by having them NOT fly all over or throw dirt or spray...
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    Can an 11 month old eat a hawk moth?

    Thank you for the vote of encouragement! I had in my head the width of their mouth, but wanted to see what people around here thought before I dove in. :)
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    Can an 11 month old eat a hawk moth?

    First time hawk moth mom tonight. ☺ Attached pic of first moth hatched. 7 more could come now anytime. Also attached bonus pic of Khalid sleeping a couple nights ago. (The flash was an accident) These moths are the size of my finger. Khalid should be 1 year old in mid May. He is a male veiled...
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    Plant Smells Bad

    I am quarantining its replacement now lol. It did better in the 16x16x30 cage. Not so well in 24x24x48 Hoping it would do better in bioactive... maybe I'll have to find another tree-like plant. Does ficus do better?
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