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    Going to he early and hanging out low

    Coil UVB lighting doesn’t reach more than a few inches into the enclosure, get the linear uvb bulb asap
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    Harry September 2018

    He has a little tiny casque scar now but it’s very minor and I babied his wound this is him a couple weeks after it happened...doing well on one of my kids shoulders :) Hope everybody is doing well. I had a minor but consuming health scare, so thankful that it was a scare, it could’ve been so...
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    Teenage veiled Angst

    Little teenage terror ended up slightly burning his casque (due to me not recognizing he had grown so much and his basking spot was too close to light) enclosure tweaked and all healed up nice now...hardly left a scar ...he’s taken to literally jumping onto my hand and then grabbing anything he...
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    Harry and I say Hello

    busy busy :)
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    Glad Vets don’t make absolute diagnosis based on pictures, Take the Cham to the vet. It’s the only way you’ll know for sure...hope things improve.(y)
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    FINALLY found a good carpenter. Whoop!

    looks great, fantastic job
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    New to the family

    She’s a nice looking girl
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    Welcome Gordon, My Sweet Baby Oustaleti

    Happy for you:)
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    Why are CFL UVBs bad for chams eyes?

    Nice post, good to know the whys of advice given (y)
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    mistking st-24 issue

    I’d email [email protected]’ve just gotten mine and their customer service is good.
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    Someone’s been busy...

    I don’t see anything wrong, except a locust that’s about to be lunch...but hey I’m no expert...
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    Welcome home Charlee !!!! (New Owner)

    Also upgrade to a linear t5ho bulb uvb bulb and fixture I don’t see one (if it’s there sorry)...the compact uvb bulbs don’t distribute or go the depth of the linear lamp...this would be much better and recommended by all the experts on this forum...looking good though (y)
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    Charlee's DIY cricket feeder

    My crickets crawl up the walls so I don’t need that, bit it’s a cool the screen edges protected for the off chance your Chams tongue grazed it? Only thought I had (y)
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