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    help!!!! a lump!!!!!

    my cham has a bend in his casque as well and is healthy otherwise! im the second to say that :)
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    Babysitting Cham-- looks sick

    i really do hope she makes some sort of a decent life. thats sad.
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    MBD Or Overreacting

    i think you should take better pictures.. but i think you might have a slight case of over reacting. your using supplements and uv lighting right?
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    Who's behind the computer?

    Me :)
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    Ermm.. this is awkward.

    wait.. it is HIS oven mitt after the first incident just fyi
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    Ermm.. this is awkward.

    mine likes the oven mitt... hehehe
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    thin casque

    jojackson your concerns about lighting are legit. usually only one is turned on.. i only turn the second one on when i open the patio door or something. remember it is winter here in canada ;) As for the UV inside the cage its covered by the plastic gaurd.. and he loves perching by it. But true...
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    thin casque

    When I took him off my friends hands.. I had had a previous cham and I was concerned because they were NOT giving him all he needed. He was in a very small cage since he was a baby - I'm assuming thats why its bent, its developed when they had him. I moved him into a bigger cage and he loved it.
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    thin casque

    Cage Info: Cage Type - 100g flexarium. 16x36x48 im sure Lighting - I have two 75w basking lights, usually only one is on. they are reptiglo, they are not in the cage. i also have two uv lights, the long ones, 10.0 one resting on the top of the cage with out the plastic cover on the light and...
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    MBD or Broken or fine??

    i just wanted to add when my cham broke his leg he walked around fine, masking the problem or something. i would show a pic, but i deleted them all. every last one.
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