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    You can also injure their ribs by trying to lift them up around the body.
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    I had the same issue, the first vet I went to was a member of the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV), so I figured he would be somewhat familiar with chameleons. He ended up giving my panther a calcium injection in his tail, which I later found out is a no-no since their...
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    It took my panther 5 months to come out of his cage. During this 5 months I never just took him out because I wanted to, I exposed my hand to him and hand fed almost daily to make him realize I was not a predator--eventually one day when my hand was in his cage he walked on and I was able to...
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    Chameleon tries to eat owners eye...

    Mine looks to shoot at my face sometimes
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    Arcadia bulb with zoo med fixture?

    Yeah, I thought about buying a new fixture. Bill Strand just released a podcast on the topic and the Arcadia guy went into fixture quality. Does anyone know if the zoomed fixture is considered decent?
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    Arcadia bulb with zoo med fixture?

    Thinking of trying an Arcadia when my ReptiSun 5.0 is ready for replacement, I'll be using the ReptiSun T5 HO 24" fixture as you are @Rst_Cham. Where is a good place to buy these bulbs? And what is an equivalent percentage to the 5.0 ZooMed?
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    UVB and basking fixture placement

    I still have it the same as I do in my OP -- the basking light is on an angle adjacent to the UVB fixture so when he is basking, he also gets UVB. If he travels to the other side of the cage on the same vine, he can get UVB with no heat. This seems to have been working well, he spends a decent...
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    Ideal Humidity?

    Bill, can you share details about your current fogger setup with us? I'm curious and would like to do some more research. No mistings? Schedule for fogger Fogger make/model Location of fogger in your setup in respect to height from floor, near branches?
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    Does taking a chameleon out more often build trust?

    I agree with the responses so far, you have to see how he reacts to see if you are stressing him . Some chameleons come out willingly and others not so much. When you take yours out, does he walk onto your hand when you put it in his cage, or you you need to semi force it? With mine, he will...
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    Ideal Humidity?

    I've read the same online. Most recommend misting during the day but I read in a few places that the humidity should be provided at night time. I'd like to hear feedback as well.
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    How is Ringo looking?

    Looking good to me. It took my panther around 5 months to come out. This is with 5 months of almost daily hand feeding and sessions of having my hand in his cage near him so he can learn I wasn't a predator. One day while having my hand in there he finally walked on and came out. From then on...
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    Mist king!

    I have never run dry. Even though it's not needed, I usually top it off during the week just so I don't have to worry about it getting low. I know for sure you could make it a full work week on 2 gallons with the below schedule. Lights on 11am, off at 11pm. 11:30 - 3 min 1:00 - 2 min 3:00 - 2...
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    5 m.o. pardalis not eating lately

    It's only been 2 days after a stressful event, and you just got him 2 weeks ago. That was a lot for a chameleon to go through in a short time window. Give him time with no handling so he can settle in and do his own thing. Maybe throw some crickets in his cage and let him free range feed so he...
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    Mist king!

    I have the same one, it's treated me well for a year so far (y) I use a 2 gallon bucket for a reservoir and fill it every weekend.
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    Best source for silkworm chow.

    How long do they last in the fridge?
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