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    What is the lowest temp you have had hatching veiled chameleon eggs.

    If they have no mold by now, they're still alive :)
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    What is the lowest temp you have had hatching veiled chameleon eggs.

    Supposedly room temps should be fine if you're trying to hatch them, I wouldn't go sticking them in the fridge or anything.
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    She's beautiful! Glad to hear she is healthy!
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    Is CB Reptile a good site?

    I'd like to say that line breeding (when animals share some non-immediate ancestors) isn't a bad thing, and can actually be used to purge bad genes from a line and improve predictability of certain traits if done right. Inbreeding (the breeding of close relatives like parents to offspring or...
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    Show me your bio active setup!

    This is for my mourning geckos (not quite what you asked for, I know). It's got maranta, peperomia caperata, begonia rex, rhipsalis capilliformis, rhipsalis micrantha, haworthia cymbiformis, transcadentia fluminensis, transcadentia pallida, philodendron 'Brazil,' epiphylum oxypetalum, 'Black...
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    Uv bulb for plants

    I use these in my chameleon and tortoise enclosures for their plants, but anything similar would be fine
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    Uv bulb for plants

    Plants don't need UV, they'll care more about the color temperature (5000k-6500k+ is best) and intensity. You'll probably want a separate bulb for the chameleon's uv; though plants can use the other spectrums that those bulbs put out, it probably won't be bright enough to keep them happy. I like...
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    diet feeders for fat chameleons

    You could try smaller things that move around a lot; my female loves zooming around to tag fruit flies and newly hatched mantis ? They're small enough that 10-15 don't count for much, if anything
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    Help! Chameleon eating a lot of dead leaves

    My male panther went through a phase of doing that too! I also got the advice that he may have a vitamin/mineral deficiency, though my supplements were supposedly correct. I ended up giving him a dish of vitamin/mineral dust mixed with coco coir; he takes the occasional mouthful of that, but...
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    US Ambilobe Panther Beautiful 3 1/2 month old male

    Sweet, I'll message you!
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    Found superworm as beetle in kitchen sink.

    The first escaped bug we found was an adult dubia, in my partner's shirt. He said something felt a little scratchy, took it off to check that the cat hadn't stuck a mouse in it, and was greeted by a fluttering, panicked roach...
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    Small white moving things in hornworms

    They're most likely some type of grain or detrivorous mite. They won't hurt your chameleon, but may cause irritation or stress to your hornworms and any other insects you might have. Mites tend to spread quickly, so if you keep colonies of feeder insects, they could become infested. If you...
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    Plants that like water?

    Haha, fair. I probably ought to label all mine instead of relying on my faulty brain, so I don't give out spoiled info
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    Plants that like water?

    JK, you're right, it's my lookalike (ctenanthe burle-marxii). It only started flowering after I started keeping it in a dish for my dripper, and has been flowering on and off for several months ? The maranta is in fact kept dry...
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    Plants that like water?

    So, schleffera (umbrella tree) and Croton for sure will die if kept moist, they prefer to be kept dry with periodic soaks. They'll rot otherwise. Hibiscus probably wouldn't do too poorly, as some species grow near swamps, but I don't think most cages get enough light to keep one alive. I'd...
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