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    Java moss

    I'm looking for at close to 16oz cup of it
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    I've used that foam for other background just looking for a supplier with cork bark
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    I'm looking to trade Cali only

    Okay guy so this is what I have for sell or trade my Panther cham wasn't a fan of feeders hahh picky eater - 500 large superworms all gut loaded $23 - 1 cup of hornworms I think there's 10-15 mix small, med, large $10 - reptibreeze screen cage 24x24x48 no damage $70 I'm looking to trade for...
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    Do u know a site that has a large piece beside the zoomed
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    Clay work?

    Idk extra hold or I was thinkn of just going with cork bark but I would need to order a big piece anyone know a seller
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    Clay work?

    I remember a month ago some one made a clay background for there Panther but I don't remember what there name was I know people make them for there vivariums and they keep there's wet not soaking of course I was just trying to figure out what is there method or trick to it if I can't figure it...
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    Wondering if anyone on here has made a clay background for there Panther or veiled chameleon
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    Clay work?

    Okay so new plan I'm doing a background for my Maksim (Panther) I will be making it out of kitty litter/peat moss/ Eco earth i will plant vines, moss it will a big BG 17 W x 48H.... I was thinking of putting silicon on the pvc wall then the clay or should I do a PVC wall then spray foam then...
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    Screen cage CA

    I have a extra screen cage from zoomed 24x24x48 there's no damage just screen cage only I bought it installed it and realized "why do I need a third cage for one chameleon LOL" I have a outside cage and inside for my lil guy so this cage is up for sale $80 or trade dart frogs PM if interested I...
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    Quick question

    I tried emailing him but I still haven't been able to reach him
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    Quick question

    They only have 18x18x36 or 24x24x48
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    Quick question

    Does anyone know anyone that can build a screen cage I tried these companies DYI, and but no luck, i also emailed bill at dragon strand waiting to hear back from him but just incase he can't anyone have any ideas on who can do that i posted a pic of the look I want would like it to...
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    Cage built

    I'm looking to get a cage build does anyone have the dyi cages email or his user name on here they only have a number and address on there site I'm looking to get a screen cage 18x18x48
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    Traveling soon?

    Wondering if someone on here is planning on traveling to the eastern Sierras or going to Vegas, Reno, mammoth or bishop California? Or may know someone who is go this way I need help setting up two tanks and one screen cage all together mainly need help with wiring up my mistking I will have...
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    Dart frog tanks

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