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    my little girl died :(

    that is sad. i hope the eggs do well and take some of the sting away.
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    Looking for a male Panther Cham.. Where should i start?

    I got both of my boys from sellers here on the classified site. Nic (nicodemayo) of chameleon kingdom and Todd keller sold me very healthy and beautiful animals.
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    My male Sambava Gilbert

    I want a sambava. they are soooooooo cool. Really nice set up! very efficient. I like the lattice too. I used 1/4" screen on my set up, but he climbs on it too much for my comfort.
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    Sniper's First Shed

    those early sheds are so funny! they look like they just exploded.
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    New pics of our panthers

    that male is going to be stunning!
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    His first Shed! (tear)

    that is the cutest little guy ever!
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    Just saw Rango

    And he talks! My chameleon has never done that. He tried to make it to sheriff, but couldn't make it past officer. I suspect office politics. its a movie, folks. you are supposed to suspend reality. you want accurate, watch national geographic. and kids, remember, make sure your...
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    Cthulhu ~9 months old

    thanks, guys! :D
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    Cthulhu ~9 months old

    This is one of Todd Keller's babies. not great pics, but gives an idea of what a handsome boy he is. His sleeping colors are yellow and red. Still trying to get a decent pic of that. Thanks, Todd! oh, I was taking the pics bc i was concerned about the crust on his nostril. After having...
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    William Exploded

    here's a pic of my last cham in one of his first sheds. they do explode! it calms down, like everyone has said, when they got older.
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    New Cthulhu pics

    The whole family thought the irony delicious. A beast of unspeakable horror, or a really cute little cham? Lovecraft hates my guts.
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    New Cthulhu pics

    He's been with us for 2 weeks, and he is doing great! Eats crickets and phoenix worms (my silkies all dried out ;( ). He has a room all to himself, so he is chilled out and happy.
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    R.I.P Chamille

    Sorry for your loss. It puts me in mind of Charlotte's web. You'll be covered in babies soon that wont replace her, but will be that much more special for being a part of her.
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    new little panther

    She's lovely!
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    pic of my chameleon

    ooooooo! he is handsome!
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