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    All Hail the Veil!!!

    How old is he and have you been able to get him out without him having an attitude or anything and has he been eating good
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    Dying veiled chameleon . Help?

    So sorry for your loss I just recently lost my 1yr old female veiled chameleon due to exhaustion from egg laying so I feel your pain its tough to lose them and is sad wishing you lots of love ❤
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    Chameleon going to the bathroom

    It helps to have doggie pads at the bottom of your chameleons cage because they can go to the bathroom on it and its easy to change out
  4. Clydes death

    Clydes death

    Well my baby girl Clyde passed last night in her sleep after waiting for me to get home from work she had tons of eggs for 3 days and was exhausted and weak despite. Refusing to eat she always drank water was loving energetic and cuddly unlike most chameleons she was one of a kind I can't...
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    Post Pictures of your Chameleon and share your favorite thing about them!

    This is Clyde he's one year and a few months he loves his momma is adventurous curious and loves to explore spend time with his momma and hang out in his fake tree I love just how he is always loving calm is never angry and the sweetest chameleon ever i couldn't have asked for a better chameleon...
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    What sex is my cham

    Thanks i appreciate it
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    What sex is my cham

    Pictures of my veiled chameleon Clyde ❤ by the way your girl is beautiful
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    Share Your Pets

    My cats thelma and Marvin
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    One of My Sweet Baby Boys Has Passed Away

    So sorry rip poor baby's sorry for your loss ❤
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    Assistance needed....Veiled Chameleon Passing Out

    Cool i am from danville ky but live in Moravia new York in upstate N.Y.
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    Assistance needed....Veiled Chameleon Passing Out

    What part of Kentucky do you live I grew up in kentucky
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    My little dragon

    I love his colors hes so handsome ❤ such a great picture
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    My Pretty Little Girls 4/14/18

    Awe your girls are so cute ❤ I love the pictures
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    Dubia roaches

    My chameleon Clyde just tried his first Dubai roach yesterday and he likes them alot along with his crickets which is good because Clyde can be picky sometimes but at least he has more variety to his food I am happy he likes them
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    whats it mean when cham puffs up?

    Really thanks yea he has small spurs on the back of his feet his name is Clyde when he goes to the bathroom a sperm plug comes out though. What makes him look like a female though hes a year and a few months now
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