Clydes death

Well my baby girl Clyde passed last night in her sleep after waiting for me to get home from work she had tons of eggs for 3 days and was exhausted and weak despite. Refusing to eat she always drank water was loving energetic and cuddly unlike most chameleons she was one of a kind I can't believe she's gone she will always be missed and loved tonight is her burial its going to be hard I haven't got over the fact that shes gone at 1yrs old just because of eggs that are infertile I would rather have clyde right now then the eggs she gave her life for nothing female chameleons sacrifice themselves for eggs and babys a lot of times which sucks my poor baby ❤❤❤ why did she give her life for them its sad she will be always missed and loved rip 1yrs old Clyde died on 9/1/18 may she rest in peace and my family in heaven watch over her always I am glad shes not in pain anymore and is resting peacefully shes always on my mind and in my heart. At least she lived a long happy healthy life


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