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    Sick Cham.

    I Found Him W/ His Mouth Wide Open. His Kneck Is Swollen underneath. He let his toungue hang out quite a big but sucked it back up. Does anyone know about the swollen kneck b/c that seems very seriouse. P.S. His stoamch seemed bloaded and stiff...
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    Frog or a Toad?

    A Hummingbird :eek: Thats A Monster Cham!
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    Mine would take naps on my finger when she was very young like drapcia explained. My question is how will i know when I need to have the sand in there, and when my girl Mega is going to lay a batch of eggs.
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    my new panther is a jumper!

    When My Cham Was Young I Found The Best Time To Hold Him Was At Nite A Few Minutes After I Turned The Lights Out. He Would Just Squeeze Onto My Finger And Stay There. I Think I Earned Some Trust Points This Way.
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    Metal halide lighting

    I Would Not Use These. There Is Just No Point. If You Already Have A Metal Halide, May I Ask What For?
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    silk moths

    My Silkworms Are Gettin Huge! Nice Pictures Geno.
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    CB Male Veiled Chameleon wanted

    I Have A CB Female. Around 6 Months. Not Sure What I'm Going To Do W/ Her If I Go Into The Coast Guard. I'll Keep You Informed, Although It Is A Female.
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    silkmoth breeding

    How long did it take for your silkies to make cacoons? & What type of container did you have them while turning into moths. Also what do you feed the moths? My first ever batch of silkworms are eating right now I think i'll be in your situation eventualy. -kenny
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    Raising Silkworms!

    That Would Be Great! As For The Silkies My Cham Loved Them!:D
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    Raising Silkworms!

    Got My Silk Worms Today. Can't Wait To See Is My Cham Likes Them. Now I Need To Figure Out How To Reproduce These Things!
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    Branch Off From The Indoors

    I Only Did 10 Minutes, Stopped When I Smelled Toasty Wood Like You Said. I Think She Likes Her New Branches.
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    Branch Off From The Indoors

    Thank Heika. Bake To 400, And Give Em Bout 10 Minutes? Sounds Reasonable Hope It Works. Does This Sound About Correct?
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    Branch Off From The Indoors

    I Remember Hearing How To Treat Your Branches & Bamboo You Find From Outdoors So Its Safe Before Putting It In The Cage. I Just Don't Remember Exactly What It Said To Do, If Anyone Knows Help A Chameleon Out:D . She's In Need Of Some More Climbing Gear
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    Raising Silkworms!

    Thank You For The Feedback Everyone. Maybe I Overthink These Things But After Buying My First Chameleon Setup I Wanna Do Things Right The First Time!:D Whats Up Jerm. I Will Check Out The Link, Thanks For Your Help.
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    Raising Silkworms!

    What Type Of Container Do I Use. & A List Of Supplies Needed. I Think I'm About To Order Some Silkworms. Any Website Suggestions? Also Where I Can Get Some Prayin Mantis.. Thanks, Kenny D
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