Branch Off From The Indoors


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I Remember Hearing How To Treat Your Branches & Bamboo You Find From Outdoors So Its Safe Before Putting It In The Cage. I Just Don't Remember Exactly What It Said To Do, If Anyone Knows Help A Chameleon Out:D . She's In Need Of Some More Climbing Gear
Hi.. I bake what is small enough to fit in the oven and wipe the larger stuff down with bleach water, then rinse them.

Thank Heika.

Bake To 400, And Give Em Bout 10 Minutes? Sounds Reasonable Hope It Works. Does This Sound About Correct?
I baked mine at 350 for half an hour. It made my house kinda smell like toasted wood, like when you're toasting marshmellows. :)
I Only Did 10 Minutes, Stopped When I Smelled Toasty Wood Like You Said. I Think She Likes Her New Branches.
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