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    mdb! help!!

    Welcome to the forum! Sadly, many of us were given poor care advice from petstore employees. I'm very glad you've found the forum, as there are members here ranging from very experienced chamkeepers to those new to chameleons. It is important that your vet be familiar with treating chameleons...
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    5 Month Panther irregular appetite

    Welcome to the forum! Sorry that your cham isn't feeling well. Sometimes a cham needs changes to things in its environment and sometimes it is illness or parasites. So many of us here were given wrong or incomplete care instructions when we first got our chams, so we understand how even the...
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    Jackson's chameleons

    Not a stupid question and, yes, that is based on the truth. Personally, I believe that the problem can have any of the following causes; poor genetics or poor condition of the mother, nutritional deficiencies or long term mild (or worse) dehydration that leads to kidney damage. Toss in...
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    Breeding Jackson New York

    You have what sounds like a very handsome Jackson's. Breeding Jackson's is fun and a truly special experience but it is often costly and things may not turn out the way you plan. I know you're not looking to buy a female but still, you should know that breeding Jackson's opens up a huge "can...
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    Outdoor baby Jackson's? Please PM or email me

    For those of you who have raised Jackson's from neonates in outdoor enclosures, what temperature ranges would cause you to bring them indoors and did you use an automatic misting system? I assume mostly shade, if not all shade would be best--but assumptions can easily be wrong. Normal...
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    Another rant about petco

    Sad indeed. Perhaps a complaint to the manager with the threat of corporate HQs involvement if they don't improve, would help. Of course there's also the local SPCA. Fortunately, my local chain pet shops don't sell chameleons but stick to Beardies and other hardier types. Lack of...
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    Stan Lee not eating from what I can see

    Jackson's can be very shy and some of them will not eat or drink while being watched. There's a great section of the forum that is easily overlooked. It has tons of info that you'll find useful, such as this Jackson's caresheet or...
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    Something is wrong with my chameleon

    Turn off the black light Welcome to the forum! Sorry your cham is having problems. :( Don't give up on misting him and please continue to use the dripper, too. He may prefer that the water is lukewarm, so it isn't as startling. Mist him for a few minutes at a time---because many chams...
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    Is my girl sick? I am starting to worry

    Don't know where I got Veiled from, since you did say she's an Ambilobe and posted pics--sorry for the confusion. There is no difference in supplementing Panther chams and Veiled chams. Only "montane" species of chams need fewer D3 and vitamin supplements overall. Here's the forum's...
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    Chameleons without natural sun

    I can confirm that your cham will come to recognize that he is going to go outside and he will become eager to leave his indoor enclosure. Have to admit I feel bad in the wintertime when they are eager to go out, but when they see me they're getting fed anyway, so it isn't all bad. I also...
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    Baby cham questions

    Perhaps George is kept at too low a temperature or is given less food or your friend doesn't know that supplement powders are necessary to ensure that a cham gets all the nutrients he needs (unless a superb variety of nutritious foods are used as gutloads and food for the various feeder...
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    Weekend Vacation? What to do with my Cham?!

    Glad she had a good weekend and hope you did, too! Thanks for letting us know that all went well.
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    White crusty growth on right side of veiled

    You're most welcome. I hope it's something simple and easy to treat.
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    MBD experience needed

    Your pics are still on your harddrive--no one but you can see them :( Here's a thread about posting pics If he has only had her for a month, then she was probably having some problems when he got her. Please print out some care...
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    New Habitat - Major Stress

    Welcome to the forum! You've found a great place for reliable care advice. Sorry to hear that Junior is having problems . The best way for people to give you the most accurate help is to cut and paste the questions from here and then add all...
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