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    Babies arrived tuesday

    Congratulations on your babies :-) I never supplemented my babies as long as they were getting fruit flies because the fruit fly media already has a calcium base I also kept mine outside so there was no need for D3 they get it from the Sun and I also let mine eat wild bugs I never supplemented...
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    Took a turn for the worst need help:(

    I was just wondering if you have had a fecal done on her? If you can get a poop sample I would definitely at least take that to the vet and have it checked sometimes parasites can really ravage a chameleon and most are easily treated
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    Took a turn for the worst need help:(

    Honestly I would call your vet back and if they do not specifically work with chameleons I almost never say don't keep the appointment but if they don't know what they're doing they are not going to be of any help to her they are very complicated animals when it comes to their health, it sounds...
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    Took a turn for the worst need help:(

    That's great that you have set an appointment but make sure that they are familiar with chameleons specifically they are not like other lizards LOL One thing I see already is that you did not list she's getting any vitamin D in her supplementation and with the lighting you just said how long...
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    Do mosquitos pose a threat to my Cham?

    Mosquitoes can and do bite chameleons however I would not worry about it I keep all my chameleons outside in the summer and we have our fair share of mosquitoes too - I have never had any issues with any of my chameleons regarding mosquitoes and as a matter of fact I raise mosquitoes to feed to...
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    Looking for vet link

    :( ever since the changes on the site I hardy ever use it, it is so UN user friendly, confusing, and FRUSTRATING - I can never find anything I am looking for all the pinned post used to be in one spot I am looking for the link to the vet list to help somebody out I cannot even find it after...
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone :) This is one of the Savannah , Georgia (our farthest road trip yet , over 1,600 miles ! But total picked up including baby eggs was 82 -) "rescue " boys having a bit of turkey :p sorry I don't make it to the site to much anymore , the 501 just has me to busy, but...
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    Still playing with my red jackson's breeding project

    I am getting there ;) this is F2 , I am slowly getting the babies to get more red, and the boys keeping it - so far, this boy is only getting darker ( they are borne with Reds but then seem to lose them by 6 months this guy is about 10 months and only getting deeper Reds . I see no sign of...
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    Spiny orb weaver spider - feeding my Jackson

    I know they're asleep when the lightning bugs are out it's in the morning the lightning bugs settle in the cages and then when the chameleons are up moving around they disturb them lightning bugs are extremely toxic to chameleons And yes I know Daddy long legs aren't spiders but that's what...
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    Spiny orb weaver spider - feeding my Jackson

    I do pretty much agree with you however the way my cages are set up outside I don't have a choice and cannot stop spiders my cages are approximately 10 foot by 8 foot by 7 Foot and are covered mostly in one quarter inch hardware cloth and we also don't really have any venomous spiders like out...
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    Spiny orb weaver spider - feeding my Jackson

    I don't want to tell you to feed spiders however I keep my chameleons outside All Summer Long they eat so many wild bugs spiders flies bees the only thing I do is wait until after lightning bugs season to open the cages up so bugs can get in it's true that you do have a bigger chance of getting...
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    Meet Quad Quasimodo Quad

    Well, I am sure he is much happier now :) glad he is with someone who will care for him properly, I bet in a few mos he will look like a whole new guy :-) love his name :p
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    Meet Quad Quasimodo Quad

    I glad you saved him, where did he get so messed up? I think he is adorable :)
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    What do you do with all those babies?

    Give them as gifts :p
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    Jackson Dealers

    hang in there, you will find one , also, try posting in the wanted section ? I breed 2 types of Jax, the X, and Meru, I don't have any girls due until mid summer now, but if I hear of anyone with any available I will point them in your direction:)
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