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    Plant Question

    This is the plant I ended up getting. First trial run, I think it’s to big. Haha
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    veiled on the ground

    I totally agree!! Without all these awesome people, she would of died. I was very misinformed. The pet store gave me no instruction. Just here ya go! And stuff I read online was very wrong. I love this site <3
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    veiled on the ground

    Thank you so much! I’ve worked so hard on making her healthy again. I’m so grateful for all the people here that took the time to help me and guide me.
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    Plant Question

    I would love to see some pics of yalls tanks with these plants :-)
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    Plant Question

    I looked at Home Depot but I haven’t looked at Lowe’s. I got this umbrella plant at a local nursery. I will look into those other ones as well. Thank you
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    Plant Question

    Miss Grumpy Pants has outgrown her umbrella plant. She’s broken all the branches and her plant has no cover for her anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions for a better, safe plant that will hold her weight? Or do I just need to get a bigger umbrella plant? She’s a veiled chameleon. Here’s...
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    veiled on the ground

    Miss Grumpy Pants is still doing awesome. Definitely still a grumpy butt. But she’s healthy and eats like pig lol.
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    Building a Ball Python Enclosure

    I have had my ball python for many years, she's an older girl. But I have been wanting to build her a new tank for a few months now. It's hard to get a good plan down bc I have to many ideas lol. We want to build it out of 1/2 gauge chicken wire and wood, so we can make it as big as we want it...
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    veiled on the ground

    UPDATE: I haven't been on here in a while and just wanted to update yall since yall have helped so much to save her life. Still no sign of eggs. I'm starting to wonder if she will ever lay any at all because of her MBD. Other than that, she's still doing great! Here's 2 pics I took of her...
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    Paranoid cham owner

    mealworms aren't nutritious at all. super worms are better than meal worms. but theyre like junk food. mine loves super worms, that's the only thing I feed in a cup. I give those for like treats. mine eats mainly crickets. she eats 5-7 every night. but shes only like 6-8 months old and eats like...
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    Bad buggers?

    when I first started keeping crickets, I got these little flies in mine too. turns out if theres any dead crickets in there, it creates humidity. then these little flies spawn from the dead crickets. very irritating. I clean out my cricket box daily and I don't have them anymore.
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    Severely Neglected Veiled

    omg, that poor baby. good thoughts and prayers for this little one! how could anyone ever let an animal get in this condition is beyond me:(
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    Got my new little guy!!

    aaaawwwww so cute!!:love:
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    Older Veiled

    Very well said (y)
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    Doesn’t like Dubia

    Now I'm interested in orange heads lol. I've never heard of them before. I've been hesitant on buying any feeders online. My Petco has roaches but they are always almost all dead. And the hornworms they have a huuuuuuuge.
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