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    Jacksonii or hoehnelii

    Are you talking about T. jacksonii jacksonii or T. jacksonii xantholophus? All species listed above need a substantial night drop, but hoehnelii need more of a drop than what the jacksonii need. I try to get mine as cold as I can inside. Usually around 52 is what I can achieve. But this needs...
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    Giant Reptile Feeding

    Yeah, but your roaches and crickets eat better than 99% of the people on this Forum!!! LOL
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    Comment by 'jpowell86' in media 'Crypticum Basking.'

    Thanks, Maryanne. Glad you like it.
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    May 2017 Photo Contest

    Congrats @Tattersb and @ChamLB. I have to say this [email protected], that photo was killer IMO! Great colors. A lot of great photos!
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    6 months old seems a little young for his appetite to decrease. I think what you are seeing is a fussy eater. Basically...he is spoiled.
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    How to Handle Drainage??

    No, this is a greenhouse. But I think I did see a Dilophosaurus chasing Dennis Nedry through my backyard.
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    How to Handle Drainage??

    That sounds like a true disaster. Yikes!!
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    How to Handle Drainage??

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    How to Handle Drainage??

    I knew someone would have the answer! HA!
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    How to Handle Drainage??

    I am actually thinking about this now. Maybe running some sort of PVC system throughout the greenhouse that can simulate rain inside. The greenhouse was hurt by yesterdays storms, so I would imagine a shower inside would be no big deal. I am actually excited about coming up with something like this.
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    How to Handle Drainage??

    It was very very frustrating. Yeah, I have to do some temp changes to get certain responses I need from my chameleons, but I never thought something like a heavy storm would provoke anything other than a hide response. It was very interesting.
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    My panther is not doing well

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    How to Handle Drainage??

    I know everyone is going to open up this thread and suggest drainage pans...HAHA! I don't have a screen cage drainage issue....I have a large drainage issue!! Any thoughts?? Just kidding. We had a flashflood today and my cloud forest became a rainforest real quick today. But the chameleons...
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    My panther is not doing well

    I would say there must be an infection. A vet visit is a must to get Lincoln started on antibiotics. That is if that's what it is. I am not claiming to be able to diagnose him via forum. But his slow decline suggests something building in his system like infection. Getting some antibiotics in...
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