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    staying up high

    Im not 100% sure which is which, i went to my home reptile store and asked for fruit flies and she said dont you mean flightless flies...i will find out and let you know......
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    staying up high

    do you just put the crickets on the plant they, always seem to hop off and fall to the bottom, what are your tricks to it??????
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    HELP! UVB 30 inch on SIDE?

    ... well i have a tall enclosure and i hung my light vertically on the wall behind it, so far so cham stays at the very top anyways so hes not stuck in the uvb all day...
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    staying up high

    So i built a cage and put a ficus benjamina in there, its like a little tree and my jackson seems to love it, he is always climbing around the top and i never see him climbimg down low, i have caught him hanging from the top screen, every so often and when i see this i get him my...
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    My First Cage!!

    heres the cham
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    My First Cage!!

    thank you, i built it in a day give me 5 minutes and ill post some for yah
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    My First Cage!!

    :D ok so here it is , my first cage that i built myself....
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    Jacksons Cage

    ???? were di you purchase that humidifier??
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    ficus benjamina???

    well i finally made a cage and I put a ficus benjamina in it so far so good he seems to love it...i washed ther whole thing with soap and water, and re potted it with top soil so far so good, if anyone knows about up keep on these plants plz help ...thx jeff
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    Good or not

    how long should a system run for a a time??? 20 minutes 3 times a day or something?
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    Good or not

    how good is the big apple herp misting system????? Big Apple's Misting System Manufacturer: Big Apple Herpetological Go To Description Available Only At Description Price Big Apple Misting System $109.95 [Add to Quick List] ELBOW Connector with Super Fine...
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    plant question

    ok im building a cage this weekend and I am going to be introducing live plants...I would like to know what is the safest,least maintanace plant for my jackson to climb on and some safe "short "plants for the bottom of the cage(by short i mean never get taller then 2')...this would help a bunch...
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    I think my Chameleon has MBD, vet says no?

    im sry to hear about your sick cham, one has said anything about an impaction yet????..i recently lost my bearded dragon due to a major impaction, my aunt had been feeding her bugs, she would find around the house..moths, beatles.......if a lizard eats to big of a cricket some times it...
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    Safe or Not????

    Ok well, i went to home depot to do some research on supplies for the cage im building,before i left i stoped at the Nursery to check out some plants, they had almost all the ones on the list, but i think ive decided on getting the Ficus benjamina.....but i noticed there soil has those little...
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    help Building cage..

    Wow Man what a cage you have there, and you built it your self,...were did you pick up the drain pan...(homedepot,lowes?), also can you give me a figure($$$) on the cost of makinf something simalar i would like to make a 2'x2'x3 1/2' cage....can you break down cost... wood,screen,nails or...
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